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Today, Hydrex International Company Limited. The scope of work are the following.
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   Scope of works  
  • Manufacturing operations. Available wholesale and retail trade, import, export or trade representation in the engine mechanical equipment type energy-saving tool Steel Appliances. Electronic equipment industries. Tools, equipment and spare parts used in the construction. Electrical engineering. Mechanical engineering. Architecture and Finishing the work of cleaning, waste removal and control of water.
  • Design modifications rebuilding of installation, maintenance including lease and rental servic es throughout the consultation tool to know about this product. Supplies and equipment And spare parts used in the Company as stated. The purpose of item (1).
  • Business design drawings architect and contractor building houses dam drainage station. Construction and other similar conditions. Counseling in the repair of various construction to fill different parts of the building throughout. Electrical installation, Water and Drainage pipes.
  • Working on the research survey of the dam, pumping station and floodgate of other similar conditions.
  • Buy, sell, rent, lease, sale or exchange of goods or equipment of any property acquired by the Company. Or related interests for the benefit of the business objectives of the Company under the provisions of Thai law.
  • Contact Ministries, a little municipal government or local officials or authorities any friends to obtain a license or ownership rights or privileges. Other operations necessary for the purposes of the company. Company or the company that should come to the right.
  • Guarantee or warranty of goods or construction equipment, the company has operations.
  • Operation of the project. And practice of engineering.
  • Procurement specialist and for solving engineering problems, such as improvements in the use of raw materials.
  • Business assessment survey design calculations and details about all types of engineering work.
  • Bid to buy, sell or supply goods for the purposes of its corporate and government agencies.
  • Providing mechanical engine installed energy-saving. Appliances party corporate state enterprises and various government agencies.
  • Adress 
    59/321 Pibulwattana Bldg. 2,
    Rama 6 Rd., Samsennai,
    Payathai, Bangkok 10400 
    (662) 270-0242
    (662) 271-2746 

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